Friday, August 8, 2014

Berni Fried Encourages the Reintroduction of Individualized Treatment into Modern-Day Therapy

Berni Fried
At Wonderland EPA, founder Berni Fried has immersed herself in the role of therapist for clients struggling with a broad array of issues. She continues to explore newfound methods of treatment that offer a personalized experience for each and every client.

Q: What specific trends have you witnessed in the therapy community that indicate a change is necessary?

Berni Fried: Most treatment centers publicize their use of individualized treatment on pamphlets, brochures and other marketing materials designed to attract new clients. The question is, how many of these treatment centers are actually offering individualized treatment?

Q: In your experience, what does the phrase “individualized treatment” mean?

Berni Fried: Individualized treatment means listening carefully to the client’s input and using his or her comments to develop a treatment plan that works best for the individual. Psychotherapy has been used to treat specific mental health conditions like ADHD, depression and anxiety, as well as everyday issues including career concerns, stress management and relationship problems. The most productive therapists understand how all of these factors work together to affect an individual’s mental health and wellbeing.

Q: How can the therapist assist the client in overcoming various challenges posed during their one-on-one sessions?

Berni Fried: A therapist helps the client by establishing and maintaining a trusted team of experienced and friendly healthcare professionals that collaborate for his or her benefit. This team is present before, during and after the client’s residential treatment.

Q: Is there an overarching goal for the therapist at the outset of the client’s treatment?

Berni Fried: Overall, therapists should strive to empower clients by encouraging them to find their own recovery in a wide variety of methods. All addiction professionals are encouraged to surround themselves with the most supportive team to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts.