About Berni Fried

Berni Fried
An experienced clinical practitioner with a wealth of knowledge about her field, Marriage Family Therapist Berni Fried is an innovative and inspiring force of nature. Berni Fried currently operates a successful private practice in her home city of Beverly Hills, California.

Berni Fried has dedicated her life to shaping the field of addiction treatment with tremendous courage and insight. She is well versed in a variety of innovative and highly effective forms of therapy. Now entering her third decade as a therapy professional, Berni Fried offers personalized and highly targeted treatment to meet each client’s specific needs. Berni Fried fosters a culture of success and emphasizes the need for her clients to feel self-respect and confidence at all turns.

In her Beverly Hills private practice, Berni Fried has implemented a time-tested treatment model that has proven to improve outcomes. She has also developed and led many groups on anxiety, trauma, depression, relapse education, love and relationships, and family systems in order to provide necessary support for recovering addicts. This vast array of educational programs has given Berni Fried an opportunity to help clients from all backgrounds.

A recovering addict of two decades plus, Berni Fried offers herself as an example. This point of identification helps clients to know that they are not alone. Berni Fried is in recovery and will help the client feel connected as she understands the deep struggle of recovery and learning to stay sober in the face of adversity. Her longstanding experience in the field of Addiction treatment provide excellent support and clinical skills in her work with her clients. Well respected in the therapy community, Berni Fried has sought guidance and assistance from some of the leading professionals in the southern California area, including physicians, clinicians and therapists.

In order to create further dialogue about addiction therapy, Berni Fried has lent her expertise to a variety of print publications on a global scale. Prominent magazines including the London Times, New Yorker and Vogue have given praise to her work. On occasion, Berni Fried has been asked to appear at educational institutions and share her views on current Addiction treatment and thoughts and opinions on Addiction treatment for the industry’s future.